Recognizing Leaders: CimpleO Ranked as a Top IoT App Developer of 2020

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27 December 2020

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CimpleO awarded as one of the Top IoT App Development companies of 2020 by

At CimpleO, we believe in always keeping at the edge of innovation. This is one of the reasons why our team took extra efforts in learning the nuances of IoT app development. We are happy to say that our efforts have bear fruits as our name has been included in a press release about the Top IoT App Development Companies in the industry.

Top IoT App Development 2020

CimpleO has been providing state of the art IT solutions since 2012. We have completed 200+ projects since our inception in the industry and it seems that we have just begun. We have worked with industry stalwarts like

  • Pix Wireless
  • HP
  • Coldwell Banker
  • Uplink
  • Pacwest Bancorp
  • Redsqware

Our efficiency in client satisfaction can be estimated from the fact that 4 out 5 clients choose to work with us again.

The same zeal for client satisfaction happens to be the biggest reason for our reputation as one of the most reliable IoT App Development Firms in the market today.

A short client story:

Gazprom career is a premier job searching platform. The client requested us to implement the existing Wordpress layout into the new website, the idea was to make searching faster by making the website a lightweight one. The client also needed the freedom to edit the content on every webpage.

Our expert developers were right onto the job, as we built a website that was easy to update and maintain. We removed the main actions like settings, creating and updating the posts from the WP control panel. As demanded by the client, we delivered a website in which it was easy to manage the content.

Please have a look at our projects to understand how we helped our clients in realizing their dreams.

When you visit CimpleO’s profile on, you can easily identify our core strength areas like our service and industry focus. The information is neatly presented in a simple to view manner, which aligns with Cimpleo’s philosophy of keeping it simple.

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