Media & Entertainment

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Customized media and entertainment products

CimpleO creates websites and mobile applications for media and media organizations. A complex, multi-page site structure requires search engine optimization and a convenient page structure. We integrate third-party services and APIs to determine the target audience. A simple and user-friendly interface will help you easily upload news, materials, moderate comments and create polls.

News websites

We create a structured website, both using templates and individual designs.

Our team develops convenient search, comment blocks, reposts, as well as any other specific functionality.

Streaming services

We develop websites and applications for organizing streaming - streaming.

Download and store video and audio files or stream them live.

Its streaming platform will help you act independently and develop your product or service without depending on third-party services.

Corporate websites

Clients, employees, investors - they all need a convenient website that forms the image of the company and contains all the necessary information about the organization on the pages.

We create both a template and an original design, adaptable to any device: mobile, tablet and PC.

We integrate any CRM into the system to automate interaction with clients