Agriculture development services

We develop individual agriculture software & hardware solutions

We create flexible and scalable IT products for the agricultural industry. Technologies make it possible to automate and control any processes: watering plants, equipment operation, equipment performance, etc.

GPS positioning

Monitoring of agricultural machinery is, first of all, safety. Satellite monitoring allows you to track the location of agricultural transport, which protects it from theft and personal use.

You can also track livestock using a GPS key fob and a mobile application

Smart farms

We create systems for automatic irrigation, fertilization and soil monitoring.

Sensors installed on the farm tell the system about soil and air moisture, light levels and water acidity. The system determines which plant lacks resources and adjusts its microclimate by watering and ventilation.

Automation services

The reporting and information collection system monitors the compliance with the route and schedule of each individual driver.

The reports generated by the service can contain any information: fuel consumption, the trajectory of movement, operating time, driver’s name, engine temperature, etc.

Farm inventory management

Automated inventory visually displays your entire warehouse using the app. Taking inventory is easier thanks to RFID systems and barcodes.

RFID tags can also be placed on machinery and livestock to better monitor and manage your farm.