Development Services for Agriculture

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Cultivating Tailored Agricultural Software & Hardware Solutions

We specialize in crafting adaptable and scalable technology solutions tailored for the agricultural sector. Our technologies empower the automation and management of diverse processes, including plant irrigation, equipment operations, and performance optimization.

Precision GPS Tracking

Safety takes the lead in monitoring agricultural machinery. Through satellite tracking, we ensure the security of agricultural transport by thwarting theft and unauthorized use.

Our GPS key fob and mobile application also extend to livestock tracking.

Intelligent Farming

Our systems excel in automating irrigation, fertilization, and soil monitoring.

Farm-installed sensors relay essential data about soil moisture, air humidity, light intensity, and water pH. By identifying resource-deprived plants, the system adapts microclimates via precise watering and ventilation adjustments.

Streamlined Automation

Our comprehensive data collection system ensures driver adherence to designated routes and schedules.

Generated reports encompass a wide range of insights: fuel usage, route tracking, operational durations, driver identification, engine temperature, and more.

Effortless Inventory Management

Revolutionizing inventory management, our automated system visually maps your entire warehouse, accessible through the app. Simplified inventory checks are facilitated by RFID systems and barcodes.

Implementing RFID tags on machinery and livestock enhances farm oversight and control.