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Bespoke solutions for the mining industry

Industry includes many different components: mining of raw materials and its transportation, people, machinery and equipment serving the enterprise. We develop our own monitoring, automation and control solutions for the mining industry.

Enterprise data monitoring

Objects and equipment to be controlled are marked with special RFID tags.

The data is transmitted to the base by the mobile terminal, the time, date and equipment identifier are recorded.

The collected information can be used for automated graphing and charting, logging and reporting forms.

Industrial automation

The equipment is connected to cloud services through the implementation of IoT systems and sensors.

The connected devices send data to the server, where it is processed and stored.

The information received from the equipment can be any and is configured individually: pipeline temperature, speed, pressure, etc.

Field digital twins

A digital model of the field is being created using a specialized IoT system. It includes all kinds of sensors to take into account the geological features of the field.

The model allows you to better control the mining process, select the optimal operating mode and identify emergency situations in advance, which increases the safety and efficiency of raw materials mining.

GPS positioning technique

Industrial equipment monitoring is first of all safety. GPS positioning allows you to track the location of all vehicles and displays in one mobile application, which protects it from theft and personal use.

Corporate information systems

Digitalizing workflows automates and simplifies company management.

Control people and tasks using one web application. It allows you to separately manage teams and production processes, with differentiation by roles: manager, worker, accountant, administrator, etc.