Full Stack Development

We create specialized, high-load software, as well as modernize IT solutions already existing in your organization. We provide full project and technical support at any time.

What We Do

What is Fullstack development?

Fullstack development includes server and client parts, it is also called full-cycle development. Full stack is divided into Front and Back, because these two stages require a different approach, use different programming languages ​​and require different specialists. Full stack is the sum of Frontend and Backend.

Our Backend stack

Backend development is responsible for the internal side of the project and includes logic, databases and storage. The backend development also has the following tasks: ensuring security and speed of data exchange, testing functionality and verifying the correct operation of the entire system as a whole.

  • PHP: Drupal, Laravel, CodeIgniter
  • JavaScript, TypeScript: Express, Nest, HAPI

Our Frontend stack

Frontend development is what you see with your eyes on the site, its structure and visual component. Beautiful and intuitive interfaces, turning a static layout into an attractive and functional page - all this is a frontend.

  • React
  • Vue
  • Angular