Development Services for Marketing Agencies

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Custom digital marketing software development

We create custom digital marketing solutions. Our team implements the functionality of any complexity, as well as integrates our solutions into all corporate systems.

Landing page

A web page for a narrow audience that invites the client to do something: buy a product, sign up for a newsletter, or attend an event.

A landing page is always useful when an offer can be placed on a button and you know what and to whom you are selling.

Virtual assistants and chatbots

Direct customers to the chatbot first, not the person. The program responds faster than the operator and is able to answer the most frequently asked questions.

The load on contact center employees is reduced due to multichannel - one bot can serve dozens of requests per second.

CRM systems

CRM integration allows you to establish accounting and control of processes within the company. Track the workload of each employee through a single service.

Organize and manage your sales without manual customer service.

The collected data is formed into a visual report for analytics of the processes of working with clients.

The mobile application makes it possible to monitor tasks for both employees and managers away from the office.


The technology of communication of the location of the client and sending a notification to his phone.

When a person enters a predetermined territory, a notification with an advertisement or a special offer is sent to the phone.

The fact of crossing the border is determined using Wi-Fi and GPS systems.