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Embedded systems development

By embedded development, we mean the circuit board design and the full cycle of work on the creation and testing of full-fledged devices. We create products for mass production as well as develop MVPs to showcase your idea to consumers and investors.

Our team solves all complex technical tasks:

  • Consulting
  • Case design and development
  • PCB design
  • Software development
  • MVP
  • Technical support

We develop electronics from scratch or off-the-shelf platforms, which reduces risks and costs for our customers, as well as speeds up the time to market for a new device.

IoT devices development

IoT refers not just to industry and smart home devices, IoT is also about the modernization of existing equipment and the development of profitable solutions for any kind of business.

Devices connected to the Internet help automate data collection and processing using various sensors installed on all equipment of the enterprise. The collected data can be anything, it all depends on the specifics and requirements of your business. This solution allows you to effectively save resources - by analyzing the data, you can determine the effectiveness of each of the zones of the enterprise.

We are developing in a wide variety of areas - from agriculture to the aviation industry. CimpleO offers you high-quality IoT devices and software designed specifically for your needs.

Our developers use LoraWAN, nRF, MQTT, MESH-networking Computer Vision, Arduino, AVR, STM technologies.

Areas of application of the Internet of Things

We have compiled a list of industries that are most likely to implement IoT solutions. As an IoT development company, we focus on the use cases listed below. But we also cooperate and work in other areas that are not covered here.

IoT in supply chain management and logistics

IoT solutions increase the efficiency and transparency of the entire supply chain, from warehouse to consumer. The most common use of IoT with:

  • asset tracking using RFID
  • fleet management using GPS trackers
  • inventory management using RFID and cloud services
  • route optimization using GPS trackers, RFID and cloud services

The Internet of Things in Agriculture

IoT devices are used to:

  • monitoring of soil indicators
  • automatic irrigation systems
  • cattle health tracking
  • control of special equipment
  • warehouse accounting systems

We also develop devices for autonomous farming, livestock location tracking and other areas.

Healthcare Internet of Things

There is a wide range of applications for IoT solutions:

  • remote monitoring of patient’s health
  • preventive maintenance of medical equipment
  • drug control
  • increased mobility and productivity of hospital staff
  • processing of patient data is accelerated
  • the risk of error and miscalculation due to the human factor is reduced
  • reduced treatment costs

IoT devices, gadgets and smart systems are not intended to replace doctors and nurses, but to facilitate and optimize their work.

Internet of Things in Media and Entertainment

For media and entertainment companies, IoT solutions allow you to provide content to a specific target audience. Happens:

  • user identification
  • personalization \ adaptation of content
  • adaptation of the conditions of consumption of content (adjusting light and sound, when watching TV)
  • content creation based on collected statistics

The Internet of Things is inextricably linked with technologies for collecting and processing big data, as well as with artificial intelligence algorithms.

Consumer Internet of Things

The Internet of Things on consumer devices is health monitoring systems, solutions for the care of the elderly, home security systems, smart homes, and anything that provides a specific consumer service.

Industrial Internet of Things - IIoT

IIoT technology consists of Internet-connected equipment and analytics systems that process data from connected IoT devices. IIoT devices can range from small weather sensors to complex industrial complexes.

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