Embedded & IoT

CimpleO turns your ideas into real products.

Embedded systems development

By embedded development, we mean the circuit board design and the full cycle of work on the creation and testing of full-fledged devices. We create products for mass production as well as develop MVPs to showcase your idea to consumers and investors.

Our team solves all complex technical tasks:

  • Consulting
  • Case design and development
  • PCB design
  • Software development
  • MVP
  • Technical support

We develop electronics from scratch or off-the-shelf platforms, which reduces risks and costs for our customers, as well as speeds up the time to market for a new device.

IoT devices development

IoT refers not just to industry and smart home devices, IoT is also about the modernization of existing equipment and the development of profitable solutions for any kind of business.

Devices connected to the Internet help automate data collection and processing using various sensors installed on all equipment of the enterprise. The collected data can be anything, it all depends on the specifics and requirements of your business. This solution allows you to effectively save resources - by analyzing the data, you can determine the effectiveness of each of the zones of the enterprise.

We are developing in a wide variety of areas - from agriculture to the aviation industry. CimpleO offers you high-quality IoT devices and software designed specifically for your needs.

Our developers use LoraWAN, nRF, MQTT, MESH-networking Computer Vision, Arduino, AVR, STM technologies

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