Database & API

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What do we offer

Database development and implementation

We develop databases for various DBMS and any kind of project. Data storage is a key part of any IT solution. We create high-load and fast software for working with information of various purposes and volumes.

Our team implements access rights differentiation for each employee of your company. Our solutions help to structure data for easy access to it, quick search and obtaining statistical reports, which helps to analyze both individual segments and your entire business as a whole.

Working with:

  • MySQL
  • PerconaDB
  • MariaDB
  • MongoDB
  • Firebase
  • PostgreSQL
  • and other DBMS

API integration and development

The API allows you to establish interconnection with the desired third-party tools and services. For example, customers of your marketplace don’t need to separately deal with the delivery of items, the service automatically arranges the shipment through the delivery services. API implements this communication function between your and a third-party solution.

API is a part of the backend that forms connections and the necessary sequence of actions in response to a specific request. Without an API, a third-party service will not be able to work with your project.

We can create your own service, but it is often very expensive. Implementing a payment system or organizing a delivery service is beyond the power of small and medium-sized businesses, it is much easier to cooperate and use ready-made tools, simply integrating them into your product.