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14 June 2020

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We here at CimpleO can’t praise our fellow small businesses enough. Now, here in Russia, they’re facing an uncertain future as many are beginning to open back up after a long fight with coronavirus.

We’d like to direct our customers to several resources to support them as they do. We ask you to consider shopping and eating local as much as you can, and support the small businesses making a difference in our economy.


But other than ordering delivery and seeking out neighborhood stores, are there any other measures you can take? We think so. As businesses start to reopen, it’s likely that their potential customers are using sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor to decide where to go.

If you have a favorite spot, make sure to leave them a positive review on one of those platforms. It’ll go a long way in inspiring clients to visit those locations.

It doesn’t stop with just restaurants and retail shops though — you can also leave reviews for B2B providers, like us here at CimpleO. The Manifest is a platform that showcases leading companies from all over the world, across a variety of industries.

Our great reviews on its sister site, Clutch, has helped us earn a top spot on The Manifest’s directory. Here’s what our clients have had to say:

“They manage the project well and produce high-quality products on time. I’m happy with their team, and the way they work.” — Nadezda Kopievskaia, CEO, SportsBusters

“What impressed me with the team was their need to understand the requirements completely. If Andre didn’t understand something, he didn’t hesitate to ask.” — Rusty De Santis, Former Project Manager, JOC Group Inc.

We appreciate the kind words and the positive effect they’ve had on our business. We know that your favorite restaurants, shops, and service providers will feel the same way about the reviews you leave.

If you have a web development need and want to support a small business, contact CimpleO today!

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