Mastering UI Development - Essential Techniques

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05 July 2021

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What is UI design

UI design - visualization of the prototype. It is developed based on user preferences and includes work on such graphic components as animation, buttons, menus, sliders, illustrations and fonts.

In addition to the above, the color palette and the location of objects in the interface are determined. During UI development, it becomes: is it convenient to click “Login”, is the color palette suitable, is it easy to fill out the form, are the elements visible and whether the text on each of the pages is readable.

The main task of a UI designer is to provide the user with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to figure out how to use a website, application or program. The designer makes sure that the graphics is clear and meets the basic requirements.


UI implementation process

First, you need to figure out who and how will use the product to navigate the elements of the future interface.

This problem is solved by creating a Mockup, which allows you to quickly understand the client’s vision and make changes even before the interface development begins. The designer outlines the approximate arrangement of buttons, forms and other important elements, and then selects a color palette, fonts, pictures, collecting all this into one coherent and informative layout.

Then a User Flow Diagram or screen map is created. At this stage, each screen that the user sees is designed. It is predicted how a person will behave when using a future application and what state the interface takes with each user interaction with it.

The client will agree on the developed structure and user scenarios. The stage allows you to exclude future changes or make them more insignificant. Since a global rework will be required with the loss of logic in the project structure.


At the final stage, the client evaluates the result, gives his comments and suggestions, and the developer, if necessary, makes minor edits.

At this point, a technical assignment should be developed between the contractor and the customer, which contains all the information that was worked with at the stage of prototyping and design of the user interface. With the ready-made design and technical specification in hand, you can start developing the application.

Factors influenced by UI

User interface design is a factor that influences three main indicators of product quality: functionality, aesthetics, and performance.

Functionality is a factor that developers often focus on. They try to create programs so that users can carry out their tasks comfortably. Functionality is important, but it is not the only metric that should be considered during development.

Aesthetics - allows the consumer to form a positive opinion about the program, thanks to its presentable appearance. However, aesthetic characteristics are subjective and are much more difficult to quantify than the same functional requirements. The whole aesthetics usually boils down to a simple choice: whether the colors contrast with each other, whether the interface elements convey their purpose and meaning, what the user feels from using certain controls.

Performance - affects the prospects for the application of the program. If an application looks good, has simple and convenient control, but, for example, draws screens slowly and freezes regularly, it will have little chance of long-term operation. In turn, the fast and stable operation of the application can partly compensate for its not the most stylish design or the absence of some secondary functions.

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