The Rise of Mobile Project Management Systems

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30 July 2021

The previous article about ZeroDark described the project development process: tasks, technical solutions and screen design. Work on the project continues and we want to tell you about the Mobile version of ZeroDark.



Shipyard managers and workers can collaborate on tasks and track work from their mobile devices. Workers can update task status and answer comments easily from a phone, they won’t need to be in the office workplace to access the web version.

All actions in the app are synchronized with the ZeroDark web, Kanban board.

Our task

The client wanted to make an app for Android devices only with just necessary functions: login - same as ZeroDark web, tasks list - changing work status, tasks manager feedback and push notifications.

Reason: simpler access to production tasks for workers while out of the office, in production hangar. Project management system - all in your pocket.


To implement a mobile application, we had to update the backend to support a separate application. The web and the application share one common server-side. Frontend - the graphical part is implemented using React Native, Redux-Saga and TypeScript.

Screen list


The main screens of the app are: Task list view, worker-manager chat and notifications history.

Task list is the place where workers check all production tasks assigned to them, can enter a task to start/pause the work. Tasks have active status icons and time for completion.

Chat is created for a specific task when a manager or worker first commented on it. We used react-native-gifted-chat UI here.

Notifications - the last screen has all the events workers get as mobile app push notifications. If they missed something, they can check the event again on this screen. Workers can dismiss all notifications, click on one - it will take them to the event page. We used OneSignal API to get tasks, events and comments from the backend and show related push notifications.


We have created a mobile task management app for tracking employee tasks and the status of their work. With our solution, all internal processes at the shipyard are displayed in a single mobile application