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The Unison Benevolent Fund is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to helping professional musicians in Canada with financial or health concerns. As part of the restructuring of the site, we have introduced multilingualism. The site is available in English and French. A fully mobile-responsive interface has also been implemented. Thanks to the capabilities of Drupal 8, site administrators can easily make changes to the structure and content without any special technical knowledge.


Many dream of a career in music, but the reality is that most Canadian musicians do not have access to essential social services: sick leave, medical benefits, retirement savings and unemployment insurance. Musicians at any time may not be financially insured against an unforeseen emergency or illness. The Unisonfund is a lifeline in these times of crisis, designed to keep our friends, fellow musicians, healthy.

Our task

At the time of contacting us, the Unison Benevolent Fund had two websites (in French and English), made in Wordpress. The client wanted to migrate to a proven, reliable system that would allow them to consolidate in one place all the necessary tools to inform both French and English speaking musicians in Canada. The new site should have a powerful content management system, have an easy-to-manage auto-translation system into the language the user needs. Visitors should easily navigate the site and find the information they need without difficulty. They must be able to subscribe to the mailing list to receive detailed information on the activities of the Unison Charitable Foundation. If visitors have not remained indifferent to the music community in Canada and would like to participate in its further development, the site should always have an interactive form of supporting the fund by voluntary donation.


Unisonfund is a full-fledged multilingual website for musicians and fans alike. The site is also a resource for helping and supporting musicians. The user is informed through a blog, posts and mailing lists using the Mailchimp resource. To collect donations, a custom multi-step form is used, integrated with Donor Management Tools - eTapestry.

The site contains a lot of different information in the form of articles and events (upcoming and past). A convenient search has been added to quickly navigate the content archive. It was implemented using the powerful Drupal Search API. With this tool, the user can quickly find the information they need and access it.


Blog page


Events page

Sending messages

The Mailchimp service was used to send messages. Previously, this resource was used only for sending rare mailings. In the new version of the site, sending messages customized in Mailchimp to a new registered user, donation recipient and sender was implemented. For these purposes, the open API of the resource is used. The use of a third-party service has expanded and simplified the possibilities for customizing templates for sent messages.

Donation System

To organize the donation system, integration was implemented via SOAP API with the already functioning CRM eTapestry. To accept a donation, a custom form was created with a choice of the type and type of donation. Interaction of our solution with the eTapestry API did not significantly change the functioning and was optimally integrated into it. During the formation of a donation, the user can specify one recipient and the amount of the donation, or send greeting cards to several friends by selecting one of the provided bundles. You can also choose the accompanying text and the letter template that the recipient will receive. There are several template options to choose from.


Donation form


Donation form


Donation form




Now users can easily familiarize themselves with the foundation activities, get the necessary information or make a charitable donation. The owners received a convenient and flexible system that can easily communicate to the end user and expand the circle of like-minded people who are not indifferent to the music community.

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