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A Drupal-Powered Hub for Film Production Control


Unveiling the prowess of Drupal in media and entertainment, The Takes stands as a testament to the versatile and powerful capabilities of this platform. Developed to serve as a comprehensive control center for film and TV production, The Takes is a shining example of how Drupal can be tailored to meet specific industry needs.

Revolutionizing Production Management with Drupal

The Takes leverages Drupal to provide a suite of tools for project management, resource planning, and communications, transforming it into a central hub for pre-production and production processes.

Automated Production Board

One of the standout features of The Takes is its automated production board, crafted using Drupal’s flexible framework. This feature not only follows detailed instructions but also factors in numerous conditions and dependencies, offering optimized solutions for complex production scenarios.

Collaborative Online Environment

Drupal’s ability to handle complex user roles and permissions has enabled The Takes to offer a centralized project management environment. Team members, regardless of their location, can collaborate efficiently, demonstrating Drupal’s capacity for creating highly interactive and user-friendly web experiences.

Key Features Enabled by Drupal

  • Easy Resource Management: Streamlined handling of production resources.
  • Automated Planning: Efficient planning tools to simplify production workflows.
  • Online Teamwork: Facilitating collaboration across global teams.
  • Document Flow Management: Organized and accessible document handling.


The development of The Takes showcases the limitless potential of Drupal in creating specialized digital solutions. By harnessing the power of Drupal, The Takes has become an indispensable tool in the realm of film production, offering unparalleled efficiency and control.

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