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QuoteMe is a web service that helps connect customers to suppliers in Trinidad and Tobago. It allows customers to contact the supplier and inquire about product availability.


It is the first service for quick communication between suppliers of goods, stores and their customers in Trinidad. Many small shops in this country do not have their own websites and electronic product catalogs, so QuoteMe solves this problem. QuoteMe is currently operating in Trinidad and Tobago with the option to expand to the Caribbean.

How it works?


The supplier or store owner registers with QuoteMe and fills out an account, where he indicates the categories of his products (Auto parts, Tires, etc.) and the region of the country in which he is located.

Send request

On the main page of the site, the buyer leaves a request for the product of interest, fills out the form and selects the region of Trinidad and the category of goods that interests him.
Once a buyer sends the request, all suppliers in the selected category and region of the country receive a notification where they see the request and the customer’s contacts for communication, but no more, a kind of directory.

Get the supply

Suppliers buy the app currency (credits) and use it to pay for the response, that is, the ability to contact customers and receive notifications from them. Suppliers have the option to purchase customers’ contact information. Then the customer’s phone number and email are revealed and the supplier can call or message the client outside of the system to discuss product purchase and delivery.

About the project

Resonance Trinidad is a software development company providing electronic and mobile payments in the Caribbean and Central America. The company provides electronic payments and value-added for product / service owners in the telecommunications, banking, retail and healthcare industries.

Our task

At the time of contact, the customer wanted to create a convenient and simple service for the exchange of information between suppliers of goods and their customers in Trinidad. The project included the development of the interface and many features for the customer and the supplier, integration of the payment system, notification system and SMS sending.


We have developed the main functionality of QuoteMe, connected the 2Checkout payment system via the Omnipay PHP library. During development, we also integrated the Yooz payment system, which is being developed by Resonance Trinidad. Notifications (E-mail, SMS) were implemented using Twilio.

Screen list

Supplier page


The supplier profile home page displays the number of credits available, the status of the Quick Notify system, and a list of recent inquiries from customers.

Admin page


The main page of the system administrator displays the number of suppliers, information about the number of requests in each status, and the balance of the Twilio account. The system administrator can create new accounts for suppliers, product categories and geographic areas; adjust system settings and plans for buying the local currency (credits).

Customer page


On the QuoteMe home page (screen 1), the customer enters mail, name, category of desired product, supplier search area, and details of what he is looking for. Also, the client can specify the method of contacting the supplier with him, by phone or in the system chat. On the next screen (screen 2), the client sees a list of his recent requests, can cancel the request, or open its detailed view. On the last screen, the customer sees responses from suppliers to his request and their contact information.


We have created an interesting project with specific functionality, for buyers and sellers in Trinidad and Tobago, thereby solving the problem of interaction between the supplier and the customer. We developed an interface, integrated the payment system and developed many features for both the client and the supplier.