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IoT MVP Solution
Custom PCB
Backend API


GPRS & Wi-Fi

Project description

ISC (Industrial Smart Cloud) is an automated system for remote condition monitoring of equipment in manufacture.

Information is read by nodes installed on each device and machine of the enterprise. Nodes contain various sensors and modules: current sensor, proximity sensor, temperature sensor, relay, and any others, depending on the equipment and the client’s requirements. The device is based on Atmega328.

Data is transmitted remotely to the central site using NRF24 modules at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. They are then sent to the cloud for processing and storage. There is also feedback that allows you to remotely control the nodes through the cloud service. The central node is developed on the ESP32 microcontroller.

The convenient display of data in the form of graphs allows you to easily track the operation of each device in the enterprise and quickly respond to emergency situations. Such monitoring saves the budget, preventing production downtime. Many industries and companies need an automated equipment control system:

  • Industrial plants where production downtime is unacceptable
  • Businesses wishing to track production operations and shop floor efficiency
  • Large companies need to support a large-scale arsenal of equipment in the good technical condition
  • Companies with branches in other cities - to record all controlled objects in a single window, regardless of their geography

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