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The Brief

Missingсars Register GmbH is a commercial company that provides a search service for lost or stolen vehicles. The main advantages of the website are:

  • Internationalization. The website is focused on German, English and Russian;
  • Responsive interface;
  • Comprehensive car search;
  • Custom vehicle registration form;
  • Content and registered vehicles management workflow;
  • Product payment system.

Editors, users and website administrators are got the optimal required functions that making it easy to satisfy their needs. The implementation is using Laravel and Laravel Nova.

The Client

MissingCars Register GmbH is a commercial company focused on the European market. The company provides a service to assist in a lost or stolen vehicles search. The most important feature is a comprehensive search for a vehicle according to various criteria: body / interior colors, engine / gearbox serial number, etc. Also, their clients can purchase a special chip for a car that allows you to track its position in case of theft. The chip contains all the necessary information about the car, which makes it possible to uniquely identify the stolen car.


Before reaching us, Missingсars had a list of requirements for the functionality of the future website. It must meet the following basic requirements:

  • Internationalization
  • Role / Permission management system
  • Commerce-part implementation that supports the PayPal Plus payment system
  • Content management workflow
  • Vehicle registration form
  • Vehicle management system
  • Car search function

The visitor should easily navigate the website, gain access to search or registration of a vehicle, easily manage the created records. The administrator should be provided with an understandable system for managing content, vehicles and payments.


Missingсars is a full-fledged multilingual website for providing information on vehicles and access to search, registration and management of registered vehicles. A custom AJAX-form was implemented to create the whole vehicle registration process. Content management system uses our own code as well as third-party solutions that allow us to create a flexible and convenient solution for solving the task.

The website has a number of information pages. To find the information you need, a full-text search has been added. It was implemented with the help of a powerful search engine * TNTSearch *, with the help of which the user can find the necessary information and get access to it without extra time spending.
Missing Cars

A comprehensive vehicle search was also implemented to expand user’s ability to find the vehicle, having different search criteria.
Missing Cars


The website has the ability to translate any content into different languages. The user can change the language in any moment with a couple of clicks. By changing the language of the site, the user also changes the language of the emails addressed to him. In the other side, the site administration always receives emails in their preferred language. Missing Cars

Internationalization. German

Missing Cars

Internationalization. English

Role Management

A role model was added to implement the required logic. The implementation is using the Spatie laravel-permission module, which allows easily adjust user access preferences to the website content in the future. The roles allow you to:

  • separate the rights and access of users to the content of the website;
  • to be sure that personal and sensitive information will not be available to a user who does not have the right to do that.

Commerce part and PayPal Plus integration

The commerce part is based on the Omnipay. It’s a powerful and flexible module for payment system integration.

PayPal Plus integration is using the omnipay-PayPal-plus module, which was slightly modified for the solution needs.

One of the customer’s requirements was the discount codes implementation, which allows publishing content on the site with a discount. Discount coupons are created by the site administrator with pointing the plan and the amount of the discount. The implementation of this functionality is our own code and does not use third-party solutions.

Vehicle Registration Form

To provide a vehicle registration function a custom form was implemented using AJAX and Vue.js framework. The form allows you to fill in the necessary information about the vehicle in a few simple steps, no matter it was stolen or not.

Each step of the form has its own role. For example, a simple and convenient widget is used at the photo upload step, that allows you to change the order of uploaded photos, which affects the final appearance of a registered car.

During the process of filling out the form, the user can freely return to one of the previous steps to change the previously entered information. The form can change on the fly, depending on the information already filled in by the user, since some of the registration steps may not be relevant under certain conditions. The form also automatically select the optimal plan.

A large selection of various vehicle parameters allows vehicles to be identified in the case of theft, even if the intruders have modified the vehicle to hide it. Missing Cars

1st step of the vehicle registration form

Missing Cars

2nd step of the vehicle registration form

Missing Cars

3rd step of the vehicle registration form

Missing Cars

4th step of the vehicle registration form

Missing Cars

5th step of the vehicle registration form

Missing Cars

The final step


The project environment is being packed into the Docker containers, that allow to easily deploy and run the project in any server without managing the project’s dependencies.


We’ve developed a responsive multilingual website, that can be widely accessed. It includes a simple, convenient and powerful interface to manage the website content by website administrators, as well as users have the ability to search and register their vehicles easily. Also, the users can be sure that all their data is in good hands.

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