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IDEABOOST is a Toronto-based business accelerator that helps media and entertainment startups grow their business. In order to enhance their online presence and create a platform for startups to showcase their ideas, IDEABOOST required a new website. As an experienced marketer, I was tasked with leading the website development project. After careful consideration, we chose to develop the website using Drupal CMS. In this case study, I will explain our development process, the features of Drupal CMS and its flexibility that helped us deliver an exceptional website for IDEABOOST.

Development Process

The website development process began with defining the requirements and goals of IDEABOOST. We worked closely with their team to understand their business, their target audience and their website goals. Based on this, we developed a wireframe and presented it to the IDEABOOST team for feedback. Once the wireframe was approved, we moved to the design phase where we developed the visual design for the website. We used Drupal’s Theming system to create a custom design for the website. After the design was approved, we started the development phase, where we created custom modules and integrated Drupal modules to implement the functionality of the website.

CMS Features

Drupal CMS offered many features that were essential for the IDEABOOST website.
Some of the key features were:

Content Management

Drupal CMS allowed us to create and manage different types of content such as news, events, startups, mentors, and more. It also enabled us to create custom content types to meet the specific needs of IDEABOOST.

User Management

Drupal’s user management system allowed us to create different user roles with specific permissions. We were able to create roles for startups, mentors, and administrators with different access levels.

Customizable Layout

Drupal’s Theming system allowed us to create a custom design for the website that was unique and aligned with IDEABOOST’s branding.

SEO Optimization

Drupal’s SEO optimization features allowed us to optimize the website for search engines. We were able to create clean URLs, optimize meta tags, and integrate Google Analytics.


Drupal’s flexibility was a major advantage during the development process. We were able to customize Drupal modules and create custom modules to meet the specific needs of IDEABOOST. For example, we created a custom module to manage startups’ applications and a custom module to integrate with the IDEABOOST’s internal CRM. Drupal’s flexible architecture enabled us to deliver a website that met all the requirements of IDEABOOST.


In conclusion, Drupal CMS was the perfect choice for the IDEABOOST website development project. Drupal’s content management features, user management, customizable layout, SEO optimization, and flexibility helped us deliver a website that exceeded the expectations of IDEABOOST. The website has helped IDEABOOST to enhance its online presence and support startups in their growth journey.
We’re proud to have contributed to IDEABOOST’s mission of supporting innovation and helping Canadian startups succeed in the media and entertainment industries.

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