Project description

Hydroponix is ​​a valve and sensor system that adjusts humidity, light and temperature to the set values ​​required for plant growth. Otherwise, the system is called an automated smart farm.

Modules with an irrigation system and a set of necessary sensors are placed on the beds. The data from them goes to the central node, which in turn processes and displays all the information on the server. Modules allow unlimited scalability of the system for industrial planting.

Used technology


The central node is assembled on the basis of ESP32, modules - STM32


  • Monitoring and control of illumination, temperature, ventilation take place using ESP32. It also stores all data and displays graphs for a certain period of time.
  • Control of pumps, ph and TDS of water, humidity, dosing of fertilizers is done using STM32
  • Remote control of the farm, via a browser


220 V.

#IoT #Industrial