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Case study about the development of automated trading platform for big wholesaler


The organization is a large B2B wholesaler that deals with printers, laptops, smartphones, and office supplies. The company was facing a problem that most wholesalers face - trading negotiations were conducted manually, using emails, phone calls, and long Excel spreadsheets. This traditional approach consumed a lot of time and money, and there was no way to predict shortages and high demands accurately. Due to this, the client wanted to create a trading platform and a storage facility management system that could automate almost everything, including AI trading systems to predict shortages and high demands. The client wanted to simplify the trading process for all parties involved.


All trading negotiations were carried out manually, using emails and long Excel spreadsheets. The traditional approach consumed a lot of time and money, and there was no way to predict shortages and high demands accurately. The client wanted to:

  1. Create a trading platform and a storage facility management system.
  2. Automate almost everything, including AI trading systems to predict shortages and high demands.
  3. Simplify the trading process for all parties involved.


CimpleO, a software development company, was hired to create a custom solution to address the client’s needs. Our team worked closely with the client to identify their requirements and objectives. We developed a key functionality to link all services into a single system for the purchase and sale of equipment.

Buying Platform

We created a buying platform where each supplier received a username and password for authorization on the site. They could upload an Excel spreadsheet with products for automatic entry into the database. The system reads the prices for each item and tells the supplier about the relevance of the offer. Once an order has been agreed upon, UPS mailing labels are sent to the supplier to deliver the items to the warehouse. For the next service, we linked a UPS account via the UPS-API to receive and track shipping information.

Storage Facility Management

We developed a control system that processes orders from suppliers and buyers. Incoming items from suppliers are scanned through a barcode, verified, and entered into the database. Missing or extra items are determined by the system and displayed in the report. In the end, the administrator closes the order if everything is correct, and all the equipment is placed in the warehouse. For buyers, there is a similar reverse process. The warehouse is an intermediary between the rest of the services, therefore it must work automatically, without fail.

Admin and Client Management

We developed a system that stores, processes, and displays data about sellers and buyers, based on the history of purchases and sales of items. For each client, you can see statistics on when and what they bought or sold. The system also displays the entire warehouse inventory and information about it: time of receipt, price, and seller.

Trading Platform

We created a trading platform for clients to register on the marketplace. We implemented search, filtering, and an auction system for them. The site could recommend similar products based on previously viewed or purchased ones. At the time of purchase, an order was automatically created. An invoice was sent to the client, and after payment, information about the delivery was provided. The warehouse was notified of an order’s arrival for packing and shipping the goods. The system closed the order after the items arrived, and confirmation was given by the client.


Europrint Supply is a wholesale and storage facility management system. CimpleO created a buying and selling platform and inventory management system to automate as many procedures as possible. This service solved customer problems and made the buying/selling process easier and faster for clients.

Future Improvements

To further improve the system, we suggest implementing the following features:

Integration with Other Shipping Companies

While we have integrated the system with UPS, we recommend that it be integrated with other shipping companies to provide clients with more shipping options.

Real-Time Inventory Management

To better serve the clients, we suggest implementing a real-time inventory management system. This will allow suppliers and buyers to see the availability of the products in the warehouse at any given moment.

AI-Powered Predictive Analytics

To enhance the AI trading system, we suggest adding predictive analytics. This will help the system predict trends, shortages, and high demands more accurately.


CimpleO has successfully developed a buying and selling platform, inventory management system, and storage facility management system for Europrint Supply. This has automated most of the procedures and simplified the trading process for all parties involved. The future features that we have suggested will further enhance the system and make it even more efficient. We are proud to have helped Europrint Supply with its business needs and will continue to provide support and maintenance for the system.

We believe that our solution has helped Europrint Supply achieve its objectives and improve its business efficiency. Our system is user-friendly, efficient, and reliable, which has helped to reduce operational costs and improve customer service. We are honored to have worked with Europrint Supply and look forward to working with them again in the future.

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