Europrint Supply



Drupal 7


Custom Backend
CRM Integration
AI Trading System
UPS API Integration
Barcode Processing


The organization is a big B2B wholeseller, dealing with printers, laptops, smartphones and any kind of office staff.


Due to the fact of huge All trading negotiations were carried out manually, using emails and a long Excel spreadsheets.

The client wanted to:

  • Create a trading platform and a storage facility management system.
  • Automate almost everything including AI trading system to predict shortages and high-demands.
  • Simplify the trading process for all parties.


We have thought over the key functionality and linked all services into a single system for the purchase and sale of equipment.

Buying Platform

Each supplier receives a username and password for authorization on the site. It is possible to upload an Excel spreadsheet with products for automatic entry into the database. The system reads the prices for each item and tells the supplier about the relevance of the offer.

Once an order has been agreed, UPS mailing labels are sent to the supplier to deliver the items to the warehouse.

For the next service, we linked a UPS account via the UPS-API to receive and track shipping information.

Storage Facility Management

A separately developed control system is used to process orders from suppliers and buyers.

Incoming items from suppliers are scanned through a barcode, verified and entered into the database. Missing or extra items are determined by the system and displayed in the report. In the end, the administrator closes the order if everything is correct and all the equipment is placed in the warehouse. For buyers, there is the same reverse process.

The warehouse is an intermediary between the rest of the services, therefore it must work automatically, without fail.

Admin and client management

The system stores, processes and displays data about sellers and buyers, based on the history of purchases and sales of items. For each client, you can see statistics when and what he bought or sold.

The system also displays the entire warehouse inventory and information about it: time of receipt, price, seller.

Trading Platform

Clients register on the marketplace. For them, we have implemented search, filtering and an auction system. The site can recommend similar products based on previously viewed or purchased ones.

At the time of purchase, an order is automatically created. An invoice is sent to the client, and after payment - information about the delivery. The warehouse is notified of the arrival of an order for packing and shipping the goods.

The system closes the order after the arrival of the items and confirmation of this fact by the client.


Europrint Supply is a Wholesale and Storage Facility Management System.

CimpleO creates a buying and selling platform and inventory management system to automate as many of the procedures as possible. This service solves customer problems, makes the buying\selling process easier and faster for clients.