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Business News Europe is a renowned news and information platform that provides a comprehensive view of economic, political, and financial developments in emerging markets. Our team was hired to design and develop a Drupal website for BNE to enhance user experience, content management, and expand the platform’s capabilities. In this article, we will discuss our development process, key features of the Drupal CMS, and the benefits of using Drupal for

Development Process

Our team followed a structured development process to ensure the successful implementation of the Drupal website for BNE. The process included the following steps:

Requirement Analysis

We conducted an in-depth analysis of BNE’s requirements, audience, and content to determine the best approach to design and develop the Drupal website.

Wireframing and Design

We created wireframes and designs that focused on ease of use, visual appeal, and a seamless user experience.

Drupal Development

We developed the website using Drupal, a robust CMS that allowed us to customize the website to meet BNE’ requirements and ensure scalability and flexibility.

Quality Assurance

We conducted rigorous testing to ensure that the website was functioning optimally, and user experience was top-notch.

Key Features of Drupal CMS

Drupal is a popular CMS with a wide range of features that are essential for developing high-quality websites. Some key features of Drupal include:

Content Management: Drupal’s robust content management system allows users to easily create, manage, and publish content, including articles, videos, and images.

Customization: Drupal’s flexibility allows developers to customize the website’s design, functionality, and modules to meet unique requirements.

Scalability: Drupal’s ability to handle high traffic and complex websites make it an ideal CMS for growing businesses.

Security: Drupal’s security features make it a safe CMS to use for websites that handle sensitive information.

Benefits of Drupal for BNE

Using Drupal for BNE provided numerous benefits, including:

Improved User Experience: The Drupal website provided a seamless user experience, with easy navigation, fast page load times, and responsive design for all devices.

Customization: Drupal’s flexibility allowed us to develop custom modules, features, and integrations to enhance the website’s functionality and meet BNE’ unique requirements.

Easy Content Management: Drupal’s intuitive content management system allowed BNE’ staff to easily create, edit, and publish content.

Scalability: Drupal’s scalability enabled BNE to accommodate increasing traffic and content requirements as the platform grows.


The Drupal website developed for BNE provided a significant improvement in user experience, content management, and platform capabilities. Our team’s structured development process, coupled with Drupal’s robust CMS features, resulted in a website that meets BNE’ requirements and exceeds user expectations. We are proud to have worked with BNE on this project and look forward to continued collaboration in the future.

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