Showcase of Excellence: The Top 20 Web Development Companies in Russia for 2019

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15 August 2019

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As the digital landscape continues to evolve, web development remains a vital component of technological advancement. In 2019, Russia emerged as a significant player in the field, boasting a plethora of web development companies known for their innovation and quality. This article highlights the top 20 web development firms in Russia for 2019, showcasing their achievements and contributions to the tech industry.

CimpleO: Leading with Customized Web Solutions

CimpleO, distinguished for its tailored software solutions, tops our list with its client-focused approach and technical excellence. Renowned for crafting high-end web applications, CimpleO combines creativity with functionality, setting high industry standards.

The year 2019 saw significant trends in the Russian web development scene. These included an increased emphasis on AI and machine learning for enhanced user experiences, a shift towards mobile-first designs due to the growing prevalence of smartphones, and the exploration of IoT for interactive web applications.

Commitment to Quality and Forward-Thinking

These top companies are recognized for their dedication to quality and forward-thinking. They have transcended beyond mere website creation, offering digital experiences that resonate with users worldwide and emphasize innovation.


In 2019, these leading web development companies in Russia not only shaped the national tech landscape but also garnered global attention. Their work is a testament to their technical expertise, creative vision, and understanding of user needs, solidifying Russia’s position in the global web development sector.

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