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Missing Car Register GmbH

Missingсars Register GmbH - коммерческая организация, предоставляющая услуги по поиску украденных или потерянных авто. Основными преимуществами сайта являются: Мультиязычность. Сайт ориентирован на немецкий, английских и русский языки; Отзывчивый интерфейс; Комплексный поиск авто; Кастомная мульти-степ форма для регистрации авто; Воркфлоу для управления информационным контентом и зарегистрированных авто; Система оплаты продукта. Благодаря системе Drupal 8 для редакторов, рядовых пользователей и администраторов реализован оптимальный требуемый функционал, позволяющий легко удовлетворить необходимые потребности.


FYI Music News

FYI Music News - это ежедневно обновляемый веб-сайт, пишущий про музыку и о музыкальной индустрии Канады. Сайт предоставляет расширенные функции: легкая система создания новостной рассылки редактором сайта простым выбором статей, которые должны попасть в очередной дайджест, система подачи и размещения рекламных объявлений пользователями на страницах журнала, актуальный список музыкальных чартов с разделением по жанрам, а также еженедельно обновляемый раздел “Карьера”. О FYI Music News FYI Music News - это сайт, обновляемый по будням.



This is a platform for searching and browsing tasks published there. Users can search for a job by location, job’s type and department - this functionality was achieved via Ajax filter. Users can browsing jobs in all the available departments and locations. Moreover, there are blog and FAQ / HELP pages where users can find more information they need. Career in GM&T At GM&T, we’re committed to finding the right fit.



The Melsfit Store emerged from a passion for fitness and offers fans the best products available on the market as well as personalized service for each customer. To ensure that each customer finds exactly what he needs, we have developed a flexible system of categories and classification of products by type, brand, color, size, taste and even smell. A distinctive feature of the store is the presence of a single POS-system, which allows the store owner to keep track of sales and receipts of goods of any store through a single cloud system, being in the office, or at home.


Pix Wireless

Pix Wireless is a universal tool for users of wireless networks. To meet the needs of each, Pix Wireless offers a variety of plans, including prepaid and virtual. PixWireless provides more coverage than any other prepaid wireless provider in the world. At the same time, the subscriber is not charged for activation in the system, there are no contracts and no hidden costs. Stack: Laravel 5.6 Angular 6.0.2 Shopify Zendesk About Pix Wireless WINNING PLANS Pix Wireless has a variety of plans to meet the needs of everyone at a fraction of the cost of other wireless providers.



Unison Benevolent Fund - non-profit charitable organization providing emergency services for Canadian record producers in times of diseases and financial difficulties. We implemented multi language feature - English and French are currently available and user friendly interface. Content managers can easily edit structure and content due to Drupal 8 as it doesn’t require tech skills. About Unisonfund Music career is a dream for some people but Canadian Music Community members sometimes don’t have an access to services like sick leave, medical benefits, pension payments and unemployment insurance.