• Drupal 8
  • Multilingual
  • 3rd party integrations (Mailchimp, PayPal)
  • Custom payment integration - eTapestry

Unison Benevolent Fund - non-profit charitable organization providing emergency services for Canadian record producers in times of diseases and financial difficulties. We implemented multi language feature - English and French are currently available and user friendly interface. Content managers can easily edit structure and content due to Drupal 8 as it doesn’t require tech skills.

About Unisonfund

Music career is a dream for some people but Canadian Music Community members sometimes don’t have an access to services like sick leave, medical benefits, pension payments and unemployment insurance. Unisonfund ready to provide insurance for our colleagues, friends and employees.


На момент обращения к нам Unison Benevolent Fund имела два сайта (на французском и английском языках), сделанных на Wordpress. Они хотели перейти на уже проверенную временем, надёжную систему, которая позволит консолидировать им в одном месте все необходимые инструменты для информирования как франко, так и англо-говорящих музыкантов Канады. Новый сайт должен был обладать мощной системой управления производимым контентом, иметь простую в управлении систему перевода контента на другой язык и переключения между ними.

Посетители должны были легко ориентироваться по сайту, находить нужную им информацию без затруднений. В случае заинтересованности получения дальнейшей информации о деятельности Unison Benevolent Fund они могли подписаться на получение почтовой рассылки. Если посетители не оставались равнодушными к музыкальному сообществу Канады и хотели бы поддержать дальнейшее его развитие, они могли поддержать фонд добровольным пожертвованием.


Unisonfund is multilingual website providing information for music lovers, record musicians with help service for music workers. End users get info by blog, posts and emails with Mailchimp. Website uses custom multi step platform for donation integrated with Donor Management Tools - eTapestry.

There are lots of information as blog, news and announcements. Search feature was implemented on website by the Drupal Search API. So users can find info any time.

Search page
Blog page
Events page

Emailing system

We used Mailchimp for emailing. Earlier it was used for periodic mailing. New version was released with custom messages to new user, donor and donator using resource API. 3rd party service usage made the emailing’s patterns customization simpler for better user experience.

Donation System

For donations we integrated SOAP API with debugged CRM eTapestry. There’s custom form with donation types choice possibility. API eTapestry didn’t bring any changes and was successfully integrated. While donation user can specify the addressee and sum or send greeting cards to friends by chosen bundle. Also you can choose text and message type patterns that end users will get. Such a specific approach helps to send messages and donations with exact sense.

Donation form
Donation form
Donation form

Summing Up

Users can easily get required information or donate for music community. As for the owners they got useful system for providing information that allows to expand the number of like-minded and concerned to music people.