• Drupal 7
  • Drupal Commerce
  • Multilingual
  • Loyalty program - Melsfit Points based on Userpoints
  • POS system
  • B2C shopping solution
  • B2B shopping solution
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Custom payment integration - DataTran
  • Coupons/Discounts/Shipping tracking

The Melsfit Store emerged from a passion for fitness and offers fans the best products available on the market as well as personalized service for each customer. To ensure that each customer finds exactly what he needs, we have developed a flexible system of categories and classification of products by type, brand, color, size, taste and even smell.

A distinctive feature of the store is the presence of a single POS-system, which allows the store owner to keep track of sales and receipts of goods of any store through a single cloud system, being in the office, or at home.

About Melsfit

The Melsfit Store is located in Geneva. The company was founded in 2010. Since everyone has different needs, Melsfit strives to diversify its range as much as possible. Each item in the product catalog has been thoroughly tested, so the company is well versed in its products and is always ready to help its customers with the choice.

Product page

Our task

When Melsfit contacted us, they were just taking their first steps in e-commerce. By targeting a large customer flow, the company’s website needed to have a solid and proven technical core that they could work with right now and expand their online store in the future. The new site was supposed to be fully optimized for search engines and have a powerful content editing interface, with which the admin could independently create and edit their own news or product pages.

The buyer should be able to easily examine and select the inventory, sports nutrition or clothing that interests him - in a few clicks. In addition, we needed to implement a system for adding a large number of products and generating sales reports. We also wanted to add a POS system that would allow an administrator to manage physical store sales directly from the site interface.

Menswear page
Women’s clothing page

Our development

Melsfit Store is a full-fledged, multilingual online store with delivery and payment systems, discounts and coupons, stock control and reservation systems, and is integrated with various payment systems such as Datatrans, PayPal, Swiss PostFinance.

The project is built on the basis of a powerful and flexible e-commerce platform - Drupal Commerce, which allows you to implement the most advanced ideas in the system.

The products on the site are divided into three main types:

  • Sports nutrition;
  • Sport equipment;
  • Clothing.

Each type has unique fields by which the product can be easily identified, sorted and found.

For sports nutrition, this is a list of ingredients, smell or taste, nutritional and energy value, serving size. For clothing: size, color, gender, collection and type of sport For sports equipment: weight, dimensions, type of training.

A distinctive feature of the site is the addition of the point of sale functionality - a POS system that allows you to manage sales in a physical store directly from the site interface. The POS system is based on the Commerce Point of Sale (POS) module and expanded for use in conjunction with a barcode scanner at the checkout

Each product has an impressive list of characteristics that are very important for athletes. Therefore, we implemented a faceted filter system using the Facet API mechanism. This makes searching the catalog very convenient not only for professional athletes, but also for all fans of sports, fitness and healthy nutrition. The Drupal Search API search engine is used to implement fast, convenient and powerful search on the site. Search filters allow the user to easily find the desired products from thousands of options. We have implemented more than a dozen different filters that allow you to sort products by name, keywords, category, brand, price, current discounts, color, size, ingredients included in the composition, etc.

Import / Export of goods

In order to add massive amounts of products on the website, we implemented a special import system using Feeds, Feeds Tamper and Commerce Feeds modules, which make it possible to import different types of products, goods, terms of taxonomy and their transfers from Excel files (spreadsheets).

To synchronize the current level of stocks of goods between the site and the warehouse, it is possible to export from the site / import to the site a list of products with the current price, discount price and balance.

Order payment

After placing an order, the buyer can be issued an invoice - a document containing a list of goods, their quantity and the price at which they will be delivered to the buyer, delivery conditions and information about the shipper and recipient. The document is generated in PDF format and can be sent to the buyer by post or email.

Loyalty system Melsfit Points

To implement the loyalty program, we used a bundle of Userpoints + Commerce Userpoints + Rules modules. Based on this set, we have built a system that allows users to earn or spend points for purchases in the store. Points are accumulated individually and linked to the personal account of each user. Customers of the store receive points for each purchase and can spend them on the next one, as payment for a part of it (discount) or as payment for the full cost of the goods (payment method)


For convenient and simple site monitoring by the administrator, we have implemented a reporting system that allows you to receive data about the store operation:

  • The system creates a table based on sales reports filtered by order status and date range. The report can show sales statistics by day, week, month.
  • It creates tables with the most active customers, top selling products and payment methods
  • Plots graphs for all existing reports.
  • Allows you to export data to CSV.
Equipment page
Product page


We have built a responsive website that looks great on any type of device: phone, tablet, and of course, personal computer. Users get the opportunity to easily and quickly find and purchase the goods they need, and the owners got a powerful system that allows them to instantly bring new products to the market, collect statistics and conduct sales in a physical store using just one common platform.