Why You Need QA?

11 September 2021

Who is QA Engineer?

A QA engineer is a person who focuses on debugging program functionality in manual or automatic mode. He always interacts with the development team, creators of applications and software solutions and thoroughly studies the features of coding, can predict possible bugs that appear at every stage of work.

The tester looks for errors and minimizes the risk of their occurrence, consults and predicts the risks of failures in systems, and also conducts an audit (diagnostics) of the finished product or its half-finished brother - MVP.

Why do you need QA?

A successful program or service is software that runs smoothly, is stable, convenient and practical. That is, for the developers' idea to be brought to the ideal, testing is indispensable.

What do QA engineers do? They are:

  • Identify weaknesses and inconsistencies in the product at all stages of development;
  • Helps to define the requirements for the project;
  • Provide comprehensive information about the quality of the product;
  • Test the product throughout all phases of the system development life cycle.

QA is interested in making any product user-friendly, both in terms of functionality and design. To do this, they constantly interact with all members of the development team and constantly compare the result with the specified requirements.

Now you can’t do without testing any type of development - IoT devices, Web services, Mobile applications. QA saves time and money by quickly identifying any deficiencies and then correcting them.