Difference between Native vs Web app

24 August 2021

What is a native app?

The Native is an app for a specific iOS or Android platform. If you want to work with users of both platforms, you need two separate applications, since each of the sites has its standards and uses different programming languages.

These applications are installed through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

What is a web app?

The Web is an application that runs through a normal smartphone web browser. They look and often work like native applications, even though they are common websites on the Internet.

Web applications work on all devices and platforms: laptops, tablets, smartphones, TVs, and smartwatches. The only requirement for the device is a browser and an Internet connection.

What the difference?

Native applications

  • Higher performance - smoother picture, no freezes.
  • Having access to the individual capabilities of the device and platform, allows you to use, for example, accelerometers, a camera, or other embedded technologies.
  • Using geolocation allows you to customize advertising campaigns and promotions for clients. Users can receive notifications or regional discounts using location.
  • Data of user actions are easily collected for subsequent analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of the application or its functions.
  • You need two teams to implement Android and iOS applications, and more time and budget due to more expensive development.

Web applications

  • Faster development across all platforms with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Suitable for startups and startups.
  • Many features used in native apps are limited. The web application does not have access to the user’s device.
  • It is imperative to have a stable Internet connection, without which the web page will not load or will hang for the user.
  • The performance will be good for simple tasks only. Complex animations and functionality require a native app.
  • Users always have access to the latest version of your site, nothing needs to be updated.

What should you choose?

Which type of application to choose depends on the purpose of your project and the availability of development resources.

We will help you decide and implement your idea in the form of a ready-made application. Contact us to start working together.

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