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Cimpleo is always intended to provide high-quality web services, integrated IoT solutions, and mobile applications. Since 2012, we have been delivering software development, and we have been doing it well.

Our clients are big and small companies from Russia, UK, Germany, Canada, USA, Israel, and Australia.


We gained the following: Numerous Rating Runet awards for several years Clutch Top 10 Russian Web Development Companies 2017.

The flexible approach and our streamlined processes guarantee the correct result: Realization of your project right on time; With the required quality and without a headache.

Imagine — you can run the first version of the project with the optimal cost and terms, save time and money at the very beginning, start making profits from the project now, and not after a year of endless improvements and changes. After that, continue developing the project step by step, increasing the functionality with each iteration, expanding the audience through news and mailings about each significant update, which will be a great informational occasion to remind/declare yourself.

The first minutes of your project life: We will discuss your vision, goals, time frame and budget. These are the most important parameters, that we will be guided by in the future, offering you our ideas and implementation options. Terms and budget allow us all to concentrate on really important tasks and functionality, discarding all additions, that increase the cost without any visible benefit for the project at the initial stage.

In most cases, we will be able to tell you a price range even at this stage. This brings a clarity and saves your time.

Then, we will talk about the future course of work, we’ll talk about a flexible approach to your project, and we’ll answer any questions you may have. This will help us to get a total insight into the further steps of launching your project and will add transparency and confidence in the result.

After talking and collecting the general details of the project, we will proceed to a detailed analysis and the review of separate major tasks, together we will find answers to the questions and work out the general concept of the project prototype, to which we will return to in the future.

In the case of a model project, we will be able to make a commercial offer immediately and start developing the next day.

On complex projects, for a detailed assessment, we should get to know each other closer and work on ideas together, starting with the development of the MVP project prototype — only this approach allows us to get the highest quality projects. The finished prototype (MVP) will allow you to calculate the budget accurate to the cent, it means, that you can plan your costs and sometimes start to return them by running the pilot version of the project, even at this stage.

1-2 months after the launching of MVP, the vision and goals of the project change frequently, as it becomes obvious what the market really needs. According to the results of the prototype analytics, we make a further work plan for the development of the project and proceed to a hard technical work …

It will be interesting, join us.